It was a great day of awareness, fundraising for important resources for those living with MG, and such great support in the MG Community. Keep the momentum going! All fundraising pages will remain open through December, so there is still time to reach all of our goals. Reach out to your family, friends, and coworkers and tell them all about your great experience at the walk (be sure to show them all the photos!), and encourage them to support you. Follow up and thank all those that did donate, and please contact the MG Walk Office for any tips on post-event fundraising.

Thank you all for an amazing day, a great event, and for coming together and doing all we can to reach the ultimate finish line…a world without myasthenia gravis!

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We are thrilled to announce that our 2017 Greater Los Angeles MG Walk Hero is…Leah De La Torre!

Leah’s first symptoms with MG started in the beginning of 2014, but it took over a year before she was formally diagnosed. In the beginning, she experienced bouts of double vision, slurring of her speech, trouble swallowing, and trouble chewing…all of which led her to seek out help. She first went to a clinic, but they just gave her some antibiotics and sent her home. At the end of the year, the symptoms were getting worse. Leah had just started a new job in retail management working 10-12 hours a day, 6 days a week during the holidays. Her symptoms were going crazy, to the point she had extreme difficulty talking to customers, lifting things, etc. Leah continued to seek an answer to why this was all happening, including seeing an optometrist, where she received prism glasses to correct her vision, seeing an ENT to help with the difficulty in swallowing and chewing, and eventually to a neurologist. After many inconclusive tests to figure out the issue, and going into crisis that had her in the ICU for 5 days doctors finally did a blood test which came back positive for MuSK MG and started her on treatments.

Leah knew she had to take control, research all she could about this new diagnosis, and find the right doctor that had the knowledge to treat MuSK and had the patience to find the answers that were needed.

Around this time, Leah heard about the MG Walk for the first time, in 2015, though the Walk in her area had already happened by the time she learned of it. When 2016 rolled around, however, she was ready to get involved. She knew more people needed to be educated about MG, and especially liked that the Walk was a great way to help her family learn more about what was going on with her and how it has impacted her life. Leah and her husband, Octavio, also have a beekeeping/honey business that they utilize to help raise important funds for MG. With every jar they sell, $1 goes towards the MG Walk.

Though she couldn’t physically do the Walk last year due to the weather, Leah was so happy to be out there and a part of a great event supporting the MG Community. This year she is coming back full force, building her team and working on ways to get MG Awareness more prevalent in the media.

As the 2017 Greater LA MG Walk Hero, she really wants to keep inspiring people to learn more about MG, and keep spreading the word so more and more people know what this is. She hopes to inspire those living with MG to never give up. It can be very exhausting and frustrating, but it helps to take everything one day at a time. Thinking about stresses ahead can really affect you, so she works to live every day in the moment and to the fullest. Get to know your body and how different things affect you and know that it’s ok to rest if that is what your body needs. Keep educating your family and friends so that they know what you’re going through and can support you and help you in the ways you need. Leah and her family are excited to be a part of the MG Walk that is making a positive difference for those living with MG and their families and looks forward to seeing everyone on November 18!

Thank you to our 2017 Greater Los Angeles MG Walk Medical Ambassadors!

Dr. Richard Lewis
Department of Neurology
Dr. Shalini Mahajan
Department of Neurology


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