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From the coordinator of the Janesville MG Support Group and Walk, Harry O’Leary:


I have had Myasthenia Gravis since 2004 and Parkinson’s since 2011.  Last year, with your help, I was the top individual fund raiser for the 2016 Southern Wisconsin MG WALK held in Milwaukee.  Since then we have organized a local support group and want to have a local MG walk.

Since neither I nor my wife are physically able to walk a mile, we have arranged for a golf cart to be available for any one unable to walk, in exchange for a $100.00 pledge.  It is hoped that this will allow the handicapped to participate the Day in the Park.

MG is all consuming. I fatigue very easily. Most of my muscles are affected in some way. My facial muscles are frozen preventing me from giving a normal smile. My diaphragm is weakened, preventing me from normal breathing and making it difficult to talk loud enough to be heard. It is called the snowflake disease because it is unpredictable and affects everyone differently. I think living with the uncertainty is the biggest challenge and the general public having no understanding of the disease.

Myasthenia Gravis is a chronic autoimmune neuromuscular disease that is characterized by varying degrees of weakness of the skeletal muscles of the body. It is caused by a defect in the transmission of nerve impulses to the body’s muscles.

There is no known cure for Myasthenia Gravis presently,  so the only thing doctors can do is try to help patients manage their symptoms as best as they can.  I takes prescribed medications four times a day every day and see three different therapists — a Myofacial therapist, a voice therapist and a personal trainer.

The Janesville MG Support Group meets on the fourth Wednesday of each month at noon at My Apartment Pub and Grill, 15 N. Arch St., Janesville. All who attend are welcome to share stories of their experiences and lend a listening ear to others.

I am asking for your support for our MG Walk. I would love to have you join us on May 6th at Riverside Park. If that is not possible, please consider making a pledge. You can log into our web page at

Janesville MG Walk/MG Walk , or if that is too difficult, you can send a check payable to me, with a note on the memo line “Contribution to Janesville MG Walk”  and I will post on our website on your behalf.

Thank you for your consideration and look forward to your prompt reply.

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On MG Walk Day, we gather to celebrate those we love who live with MG, commemorate the research we’ve helped to develop with funds raised!

Share your fundraising page and links to donate via email and on your social media accounts. If you have checks or cash funds to turn in, please let us know and we can help you add them to your fundraising page. Checks may be mailed to the address below. Please be sure you’ve written your team name in the memo field!

MG Walk Office
1707 N. Randall Rd, Suite 200
Elgin, IL 60123

If you have questions or want to know more, contact us today:
1-855.MG.Walks (1-855.649.2557)

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