MG Walk Funding in Action

As the MG Walk embarks on its 9th year, we celebrate the impact we’ve made, including the recruitment of 30,000 Walkers and raising more than $5.6 million. Your MG Walk contributions are helping the MGFA change the world for people living with myasthenia gravis in the following ways:

Driving research to find the cause, better treatments, and eventually a cure for MG by:

– Funding pilot grants that can lead to new research pathways
– Finding post doctoral fellowships to bring the brightest and best to the field
– Bringing top researchers together to exchange ideas at national and international scientific seminars
– Advocacy with government and the pharmaceutical industry for more MG research
– Managing the only patient registry for myasthenia gravis

Ensuring people can easily access the information they need to live with MG by providing:

– Nationwide educational webinars and podcasts
– Nationwide information and referral hotline
– A comprehensive, interactive website

Connecting people living with MG with each other to learn, share, and cope by establishing:

– A growing network of in-person and online support groups
– The “MG” Friends program for those in need to talk to experienced peers
– A national conference and local educational programs

Raising awareness by:

– Outreach and education for healthcare professionals
– Educating the public about MG and recognizing symptoms of muscle weakness
– Advocating for key public and private sector issues such as access to healthcare and treatment, as well as disability rights

2019 MG Walks are launching every day! Stay tuned for more cities.