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Tips & Incentives

We’re glad you’re here

You’re here because you’re passionate about finding a cure for Myasthenia Gravis. So are we. We’ll make a great team, so let’s get started. 

Every day we see people achieve their fundraising goals with unique ideas. Every day we meet and introduce people who share a connection to MG. Whether this is your first fundraising Walk or your fiftieth, we’re always ready to share our pool of ideas and knowledge. (For example, don’t miss “How to Raise $200 in 5 Days” below!)

The following is a quick list of tips to make your Walk a fun and easy experience, so that you can help us walk towards a world free from myasthenia gravis! 

Decide how much impact would you like to make in the fight against MG, then...

Set a goal. Be realistic, but challenge yourself! Once you get your first donations, you’ll be pleasantly surprised to see how easy it is. You will also find it more rewarding than you first thought possibly! 

Consider how many people you’d like to join your team, and how much money you’d like to raise. Every person helps, and every dollar gets us closer to a cure.

Register - Sign up and get your free online fundraising page. It only takes a couple of minutes whether you do it online or by phone. As you recruit people to your team, they do the same.  

Personalize - By signing up in advance, you gain a Personal Fundraising Page. Once you register, you will be sent an email with log in instructions. This page, especially once customized, becomes a great tool to ask your family, friends & colleagues to donate and join your team. While the page comes pre-set with information about the Walk, try to invest a few minutes here to share your story on why you are involved with the MG Walk. Add a picture or two. It’s easy.

Share - After your page reflects your passion for ending MG, you’re ready to tell everyone you know. Send it via e-mail, Facebook, and word of mouth. Ask friends to share it with their friends: the signal boost will reach a multitude of people, and even if a small percentage of them give, you’ll watch your goal get nearer. See our MG Walk tutorials for more information. 

Ask - It might feel funny the first time or two, but watching your fundraising thermometer inch towards 100% is thrilling. Focus on the idea that you are inviting others to invest along with you in a better tomorrow for all with MG.

Don’t be afraid to share your goal! People like to invest in your success.

Once you get rolling, you'll start seeing opportunities everywhere. The number one reason people don't give is that they were not asked. So just ask everyone - friends, colleagues, neighbors. Ask at book club. Ask at bingo night. Ask businesses you frequent. (They can even become local sponsors!) Ask people to ask. Just ask. You’ll be happy to see how many people are willing to help when they see your dedication to our cause.

Remind - Even the best intentions need a helping hand. Check in with people if you don’t have their donation in hand or see their contribution on your Personal Fundraising Page. Studies show that people need to hear your message more than once to really 'hear' it and respond.

You CAN do this! We know you can; we see people do it every day. Maybe you'll be our next top fundraiser?! And never get discouraged. Contact us: call or email the walk office.Only with your help will we end myasthenia gravis. Together, we are stronger. 

Raise $200 in 5 Days

Day 1   Sponsor yourself = $25

Day 2   Ask 5 Family Members/Friends for $10 each = $50

Day 3   Ask 10 Co-workers for $5 each = $50

Day 4   Secure $25 from 2 businesses you frequent = $50

Day 5   Ask your Boss to support your efforts = $25

                  Your Grand Total  =  $200
Don’t stop there!  Continue to ask others in order to help you reach a larger goal!
Where your hard-earned fundraising goes:

MG Walk Rewards

Top MG Walk fundraisers will be rewarded with great MG Walk branded apparel and items. The incentive fundraising deadline will be 8 weeks following your MG Walk date (though donations will be taken through the end of the calendar year.)

$100+: MG Walk T-shirt ($150 after the “day of” the Walk)

$250-$499: MG Walk Travel Mug & Baseball Cap

$500-$999: MG Walk Hooded Sweatshirt 

$1,000+: MG Walk Travel Mug, Baseball Cap, and Hooded Sweatshirt


Join The
Gold Toes VIP Club

Take an extra step in the fight against MG by setting a goal to raising at least $1,000!
Receive a special incentive and recognition at your local MG Walk and/or on the website if raising $$ for the Virtual MG Walk

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