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Why We Walk

MG patients and their families, friends, co-workers, and fellow community members rally together to participate, volunteer and donate. The MG Walk generates awareness, renewed hope and creates a community of care. MG patients connect and share their strength; enabled to talk about their illness – often for the first time -- and experience an outpouring of support, concern and camaraderie.
We walk to help the MGFA fulfill its mission to find a cure for MG and closely related disorders, improving treatment options and providing information & support to people with MG through research, education, community program & advocacy. 
We walk because together we are stronger.
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2013 MG Walk
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The MG Walk has paved the way for people to fight back, to say "MG must be stopped and I will do what I can to help!"  Read on to hear a few stories from some families facing the daily challenges of MG.

So many have been positively affected in a very tangible way, including the youngest among us. Typically, when you think of MG, you think about diagnosis late in life. But as the MG Walk has shown, many youth are affected by MG as well.

At the Arizona MG Walk last fall, we met two such families:
 "We participated in the 2011 Phoenix MG walk to support and honor my son, Ricky Montano. Ricky has had MG for two years now - he turned 10 in May 2012. The MG walk offered him the opportunity to share an experience with two other children with MG, whom he has come to know through having the same pediatric neurologist. It's more difficult for children with MG to connect emotionally and socially with adults who have MG because of age differences. The Walk offers children an opportunity to meet other children with MG and to see they are not alone. It's not only important for children with MG to come out and see the support, but for adults as well. Ricky had a great time last year and we look forward to future MG walks." -Hector Montano

"My twin girls, Peyton & Cameron, were diagnosed with MG at age 2. They have struggled with it ever since. Joining the walk was initially hard for me. I am not use to asking for help let alone money or time from my friends and family. The out pour of generosity was overwhelming. In the end we had 60 walkers and raised over $20,000 for the MGFA. Although the girls were only 6 at the time of the walk, they absolutely understood the importance of walking. Oddly, they seemed proud to have MG. They were able to open up to their friends and share their story which in turn helped them to understand their disease and not be ashamed of it. The girls can't wait for the next walk in November. The lesson of giving back is so important to me and they fully understand and embrace the opportunity to raise funds for MG. On a side note, my daughter Cameron won a small amount of money at a party and we asked her what she was going to buy with her winnings, she said "I want to donate my money to MG, how do I do that?" The walk helped her to understand how important these funds are to MG. It was an inspiring moment and one that I won't soon forget." - Jamee Emens


In Boston, at the New England MG Walk this spring, we met Abby’s Entourage! – all brightly adored in yellow T-shirts bearing that name and a ‘little miss sunshine’ cartoon character. Abby is six years old and she had her name written on her sleeve in bright fabric markers and her hair in the cutest braids you'll ever see. Her team had 35 members, and their bright T-shirts were only outshone by their smiles. They were all so happy to be there, doing something for this little girl they loved so much who just wants to play without getting too tired and learn to read without the challenge of double or triple vision. Abby's Entourage raised nearly $6,000 for the MG Walk.

"The MG walk was more than a fundraising walk for us. It was indeed a chance for us to do something to help our Abby. But it was also the day that we started to not feel so alone. Before May 5th we had hardly met anyone who had even heard of the disease, never mind anyone who actually had MG or knew someone with it. To walk and raise money for MG was very empowering, but to walk with others and to meet others with MG was for us that breath of fresh air that we as a family needed. We were welcomed so warmly be everyone, an MG family that we never knew. Again, the MG walk is not only a way to raise money, but also a way to bring people together. To fight any disease, people need to join together. We are so glad "Abby's Entourage" joined the MG walk and look forward to many more!"
- Beth and Erik Nordhausen

These are just some of the stories; just a small handful of the families affected by pediatric MG. So often we hear our older walkers tell us they are walking for the next generation, in the hopes of making things better for those that come after them - Ricky, Peyton, Cameron, Abby and so many others are already dealing with the daily struggles of myasthenia gravis and we can all be a part of making things better for them today.

Whether you walk for yourself, for a beloved family member, or for one of the many children growing up with MG... Thank you for walking and making a tremendous difference in their lives!


 As published in the Foundation Focus upon completion of the 2011 audit - 2012 audit figures available soon...


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