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We are thrilled to announce that our 2017 Mississippi MG Walk Hero is…Shaunna Alexander!


Shaunna has been living with myasthenia gravis for over 20 years, and it hasn’t always been an easy journey. She was first experiencing symptoms in September of 1996 while she was in high school, a time of adjustment for everyone. But at this time, Shaunna was dealing with a huge lack of energy that was hindering her everyday life. It would take her a while to get dressed in the morning, and her legs would lose all power and function and she would fall down stairs, fall down getting on the bus, fall down getting off the bus, and found herself always late for class. Teachers thought that she was drunk, but as she started to experience difficulty swallowing, she started to get checked out. In the beginning, it was more or less a guessing game to figure out what could be wrong with her. At one point, when her speech was slurred, they thought it was caused by a tumor on her brain. Her primary started to think that it could be a bladder infection and started her on antibiotics, but that proved to be wrong. She was then sent to a pulmonologist, even though it was found out that asthma was not the cause. Even still, her pulmonologist started to have an idea of what could be going on and sent her to get checked out by a neurologist who diagnosed her with MG officially in December of 1996.

As she started treatment, Shaunna also started to feel like a teenager again and actually started to feel ok for the next 9 years. Once 2005 came along, though, her MG started to react horribly, and for the next several years, she found herself on ventilators, using feeding tubes, and in the hospital every 3 weeks. Eventually things started to turn for the better, and she has been feeling somewhat better for the last several years.

Shaunna’s diagnosis led her to learn more about myasthenia gravis, and through her research, she found the MGFA and the MG Walk. If there is one thing she has learned from her experiences with MG, it’s that people need to be more aware of the symptoms and what the disease really is. There are many times when people living with MG don’t appear to be sick, but are actually going through a huge struggle. She never wants anyone to go through what she did, and has increased her involvement to help educate others with the hope of much quicker diagnoses in the future.

The MG Walk came to Mississippi for the first time last year, and Shaunna immediately wanted to get involved. It proved to be a very positive experience to hear the stories of others and know that she is not alone. It helps to be around people that can relate to you as it can be hard for those not living with MG to fully understand how it can affect your daily life. She is continuing to keep the momentum of the Walk going as it is important to keep coming together, learning from each other, and supporting one another.

As the Mississippi MG Walk Hero, her goal is to help others going through MG keep their faith and have hope that even on the hardest days, it can get better. She wants others to have a place where they can learn all they can about MG, learn from others, and be active in having conversations with their doctors. She is excited to see the efforts in Mississippi continue to grow and looks forward to see even more people feel the love and support on October 14!

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