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We are thrilled to announce that the 2017 Ohio MG Walk Hero is…Larry Dix!


Larry Dix is someone always on the move, awarded the opportunity to travel often. It wasn’t until a few years ago, after coming off of the partial removal of brain tumor in 2010 and a spiral fracture of his right arm in December of 2012 that he was experiencing some odd symptoms that started to slow him down. Most notably, he had developed a sore throat, which normally might not be cause for concern, except that it was coupled with difficulty chewing, swallowing and speaking. He went to a local emergency room where he was diagnosed with TIA. The symptoms persisted, so before traveling again, he went to the Cleveland Clinic where he was correctly diagnosed with MG. He was soon paired up with Dr. Yuebing Li and put on mestinon, prednisone, and cellcept. As of last December, he is currently only on cellcept and is still able to travel, as long as he allows himself time to rest.

Meeting Dr. Li was also the start of Larry’s involvement with the MG Walk. Dr. Li, who is very involved in the cause and very involved in the Walk, asked him to participate a few years ago when the only event in Ohio was held in Columbus, OH. And last year, he was able to join Dr. Li and many others in the MG Community when it was decided to have an additional MG Walk in Cleveland, OH. Becoming involved in the Cleveland support group, Larry has met others with MG. The MG Walk has served as a place for Larry to connect with even more folks in the MG community as well as helped him in raising awareness and much-needed funds to help those living with MG and their families. Early in his journey, Larry’s MG was misdiagnosed, so he knows how scary it can be to go through these symptoms, go through so many tests, and still be unsure of the cause. As the MG Walk Hero, he hopes to continue educating others and raising funds to continue that important education, especially to the medical community. He is also a great representative to show that this disease can be treatable and there is hope for those diagnosed with MG.

He is excited this year to again be walking with the Cleveland Clinic team, and with the person he considers the true hero, his wife Kathy. Through his efforts at the Walk, he hopes to increase awareness and highlight the important resources available through the MGFA. He also walks to raise funds for the research that is needed to continue providing new treatments and better outcomes for all those in the MG Community. We’ve come a long way, but we still have a long way to go, and Larry plans to keep up his great work to get us to the ultimate finish line…a world without MG.

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