Snowflakes are one of nature’s most fragile things, but just
look at what they can do when they stick together.
-Vesta M. Kelly

Introducing the 2016 MG Walk Snowflake Campaign!


The MG Walk Campaign generates awareness, renews hope and creates a community of support
while raising important funds for the Myasthenia Gravis Foundation of America (MGFA). The MG Walk
allows those with MG to talk about their diagnosis, many for the first time, while experiencing
an overwhelming amount of support from their loved ones.

Like a snowflake, no MG journey is alike, and each person who lives with MG has their
own unique story. The MG Snowflake Campaign is a new initiative to help spread MG awareness
and raise funds in communities across the country.

The MG Snowflake Campaign hopes to continue the unprecedented awareness & funding, which
has resulted for the MG Walk. This unique & compelling initiative consists of three components:
Green Snowflake
Local Business Fundraiser: Do you have a connection to a local business that might consider helping to fundraise by hanging 'MG Snowflakes' in the store. Ask if they would collect donations (i.e $1) and MG snowflakes would be provided to be hung in the store/restaurant. Contact the MG Walk Office for more details and to receive your snowflakes!.

Snowflake Blue Snowflake Green
Green Snowflake
Host a Snowflake Party: Contact the MG Walk Office to request snowflakes to host an "MG Snowflake Party!" Invite your family and friends to join you to learn more about MG and decorate snowflakes. Encourage each guest to bring a donation of a suggested amount (i.e. $25, $50). Parents: consider hosting a party for your child's friends and classmates as a fundraiser or birthday party celebration. Bring the completed snowflakes to your local MG Walk to be displayed in the "MG Walk Blizzard" at the finish line.

Need help getting started? Click here for ideas and templates to get started!
Green Snowflake
Attend your Local MG Walk: Each Walk location will include a snowflake station where walkers will create personalize snowflakes to be displayed at the finish line.
Questions or other ideas for the MG Walk Snowflake Campaign?
1-855-MGWalks (1-855-649-2557)
Please fill out the form below to request your MG Walk Snowflakes!