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Route Information:

1 mile, 2 mile, or 3 mile route options

Click here for directions to Hunter’s Point South Park

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Please note:
All Walkers should enter the park at the corner of Borden Ave. and Center Blvd. in Long Island City.
If you are driving to the Walk, please plan accordingly to allow time for parking. While there are parking garages, street parking around the park is very limited.


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Congratulations To Our 2018 TriState Walk Hero…Sue Klinger!

After almost 29 years of working with Citigroup as a Human Resources professional, Sue Klinger slowly began to notice that her fingers began to have trouble typing, and symptoms with her eyes began to develop. Faced with an approaching layoff within the company – Sue did not have time for her job performance to be hindered by the mysterious symptoms and immediately went to her local eye doctor for a solution. Baffled, her local eye doctor recommended she go to a Neurologist for further evaluation. Unfortunately she left both offices with no diagnoses. Not one to give up, Sue asked her Primary Care doctor for a referral to a different neurologist. It was with that neurologist that Sue was finally diagnosed with myasthenia gravis and began IVIG for the next 15 years.

IVIG was not an easy journey. Sue had heard that she may experience small headaches while on IVIG, however, instead she began to experience extremely painful headaches. Eager to find a support network, Sue went on online, and found the MGFA, and the local New York Metro Support Group in 2004. It was there that Sue found her community. The local chapter leader gave assurance that she was not alone in her headaches, and gave advice on how to treat them. From then on, Sue knew she wanted to get involved, and transition from her background as a corporate employee advocate to a patient advocate.  It was in this moment that would many would argue Sue’s “second career” as a “medical geek” was born.

With support from the established New York Metro Support Group, Sue founded the New York City Support Group, and made it her business to learn everything about myasthenia gravis that she possibly could so that she could help other patients through the beginning of their journey with MG, as well as help to educate the medical community. Today her New York City Support Group is thriving, and if you asked any of her members, they would argue that the only difference between Sue and your average neurologist, is that Sue does not have MD next to her name.

In 2008 Sue was invited to be on the MGFA national board, and now currently serves as the Vice Chair in 2018. During her time on the board, Sue uses her 29 years of corporate experience to recruit other Citigroup alumni to become involved with MGFA, as well as advocated for updated MGFA branding and the creation of a MGFA Facebook page.

“Facebook has been incredible in identifying people who are willing to step up and volunteer – as well as finding new patients. There is a lot going on in the myasthenia community – all for the good. More has happened in the last 5 years, that the last 60.” – Sue Klinger

Thank you to our 2018 TriState MG Walk Medical Ambassador!

Dr. Anthony Geraci
Northwell Health

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On MG Walk Day, we gather to celebrate those we love who live with MG, commemorate the research we’ve helped to develop with funds raised!

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Goal: $160,000
90 percent raised
$132,883 raised so far
in TriState
$27,117 to go!


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MG Walk Office 1707 N. Randall Rd, Suite 200 Elgin, IL 60123
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