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We are thrilled to announce that our 2017 Utah MG Walk Hero is…Jill Hilton!

Jill Hilton’s journey with MG started very recently, just a year ago in May, when she found herself in the hospital. Prior to being in the hospital, she looked back and realized there were strange symptoms she had been experiencing that she had initially ignored. She was out of town on a business trip when she first noticed that her speech pattern was very off. She was also having a hard time swallowing and noticed her eyesight wasn’t quite right.  After her trip, Jill was feeling the need to rest a lot more due to lack of energy and when she woke the next morning, she had her first experience of double vision. Originally thinking it was a migraine, she treated it as such.  The double vision continued into the morning and was soon followed by droopy eyes.  The immediate next step was to go to the ER and figure out what was happening. It was first suspected that Jill was having a stroke, but the Neurologist at the hospital suspected she may have MG based on the symptoms she was experiencing. He knew certain MG patients can also have tumors so a scan was done of her chest where they found a tumor on her Thymus.  The tumor had actually been keeping the MG in check, but still needed to be removed as soon as possible.  Surgery was scheduled for two days laterand once she got through the sternotomy and thymectomy, she was in the hospital for 10 days as her symptoms progressed and she started struggling with the strong symptoms of MG.

Jill is a very firm believer in the power of positive healing so things were quite difficult in the beginning when her first Neurologist started to scare her about the various cases he had seen and the potential effects MG can have.  She started to shy away from going anywhere she might interact with others living with MG for fear of seeing a negative future.  Knowing she wasn’t currently with the right provider for long-term care and treatment of MG, her husband Stephen started to do extensive research to find a doctor that would be more aligned with her vision of treatment and positive outlook for her future. Eventually Stephen and she found a fantastic team at the University of Utah who were integral in her treatment, positive progress, and belief she could beat MG.

Jill’s family has been an incredible support and it’s actually because of her two daughters that she got involved in the Utah MG Walk.  They decided the timing of the MG Walk was perfect for her to get out and interact with people now that she had her symptoms somewhat under control.  They were waiting for the right time to show their mother just how many of her friends and family love and support her (and had been supporting her) behind the scenes while she was using her energy to heal. Jill thought it would just be her and the two of them at the walk (with Stephen being out of town).  Meanwhile, the girls had shirts made reminiscent of their mother’s strength over the tough year and waited until the walk to let her know that they had made a donation in her name to MG research and so had many of her friends and family. In reality, they had secretly worked with their friends and family to raise $3,000 by the time of the Walk. When they arrived for the MG Walk, Jill was surprised and graciously overwhelmed to see that over 30 of her family and friends had come out to support her! She was also welcomed by the Utah support group leaders and could truly see what an amazing community she was now a part of.

It has been a tough road, but one that has been proven to be much better and more manageable by addressing every obstacle with a positive attitude and outlook. Jill knows that it’s important to not only be positive, but to lean on your support system and make sure you have the best and right team in place.  Jill is excited to join the Utah MG Walk again this year, and honored to be the Utah MG Walk Hero. She hopes to inspire others going through MG to remain optimistic and know that you are never alone.

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