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MG WALK POSTER– Tallahassee

We are thrilled to announce that the 2019 Tallahassee MG Walk Hero is…Denise Allen!


I am so honored to be the 2019 MG Hero for the Tallahassee Walk. I received those life changing words, “You have MG” in 2015. My neurologist had tears in her eyes. This was my first sign that this was serious. Of course I began researching the disease and scared myself! I advise all newbies not to go watch these videos.
In March of 2016, I attended my first MG Walk. This is the first time I had the opportunity to meet another MG patient. That day changed my life. I connected with Father Ted and we started a local support group. This close knit small group guided me through the myriad of decisions that I had to make. They even helped me get disability approval. I am a huge advocate of support groups. I spend 2-6 hours a day talking with other MG patients. I find an immense amount of support in these on-line groups as well.
So you see, I am not the hero. It is the hundreds of people behind me, encouraging me to keep fighting.
I have MG, it does not have me.

Thanks so much!

Denise Allen

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On MG Walk Day, we gather to celebrate those we love who live with MG and commemorate the research we’ve helped to develop with funds raised!

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