The MG Walk Campaign is dedicated to creating awareness, renewing hope, and generating a vast network of community and support, all while raising important funds for the Myasthenia Gravis Foundation of America (MGFA). The MG Walk puts the power directly into the hands of MG patients, and allows everyone battling this illness to become the driving force behind funding for MG research, and ultimately, in finding a cure. In addition to fundraising, the MG Walk also allows patients with MG to open up and discuss their journey in a safe and nurturing environment, many for the first time, while experiencing an overwhelming sense of community from their loved ones and fellow MG patients. Join us as we come together to raise vital funds that go to supporting the tens of thousands of Americans who live with this rare disease every day.

Register to enter the fight against MG now! You can join an existing team, or start your own! All that’s left is to personalize your fundraising page, share your connection to MG, and tell your story of why you have joined the fight to stop MG…one step at a time.

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MG Walk Hero Program


Meet our 2018
National MG Walk Hero,
Lauren Jarman!


"The MG Walk represents opportunity for everyone affected by MG to get involved, share their stories, and spread awareness to those that don't understand what it is like to live with this sometimes invisible disease."




Meet our 2018 National MG Walk Medical Ambassador,
Dr. Gavin Brown!


"I have been involved with the MG Walk for 5 years, including as the 2017 Georgia MG Medical Walk Chair. My patients, fellow physicians, nurse and staff at the Laureate Medical Group and Northside Hospital have all embraced what the MG Walk means to the MG Community. Each year I am honored to walk alongside te many person with MG and their family & friends. I strongly encourage the MG medical community from around the country to support the MG Walk."



2019 MG Walks are launching every day! Stay tuned for more cities.