It was a great day of awareness, fundraising for important resources for those living with MG, and such great support in the MG Community. Keep the momentum going! All fundraising pages will remain open through December, so there is still time to reach all of our goals. Reach out to your family, friends, and coworkers and tell them all about your great experience at the walk (be sure to show them all the photos!), and encourage them to support you. Follow up and thank all those that did donate, and please contact the MG Walk Office for any tips on post-event fundraising.

Thank you all for an amazing day, a great event, and for coming together and doing all we can to reach the ultimate finish line…a world without myasthenia gravis!

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We are thrilled to announce the 2016 Colorado MG Walk Local Hero is…Bridget Dvorak!


The year was 2009, and Bridget was in the middle of her junior year of college. It was around this time she started to notice a very weird symptom increasingly progressing with her vision. She started to experience double vision (what she at the time called her “drunk eyes”) about once a week. Soon it started to happen once a day, and then eventually multiple times a day. She was also playing in a co-ed volleyball league and one day her legs gave out, just suddenly gave out, and she collapsed on the court. All of this was definitely a cause for concern, and Bridget knew she needed to figure out what was going on.  She started by seeing her optometrist, then a neurologist, and then an opt-neurologist. In fact, she started to see specialists for about a year. When she went to University hospital and they decided to test her antibodies, they found they were off the charts…and that’s when they knew she had MG.


She spent her 21st birthday going to the Mayo Clinic in Phoenix (not that way anyone wishes to spend their birthday), was put on prednisone, and it was decided she would undergo a thymectomy in January. She ended up gaining 40lbs from the steroids she was on and her hair fell out during this time. She had her thymectomy in January as planned, during the winter break of her senior year, and they even performed the surgery with a Da Vinci robot, so it was non-invasive and she was only in the hospital for 3 days. She went back a few times for the next few years to check in, and, at her final follow up in 2012, Bridget was declared to be in remission! 4 years later, and she is still in remission and currently on no medication, doing very well.


She knows her case was not nearly as extreme or traumatic as it could have been, but knows that others have much different experiences. She also knows firsthand how absolutely frustrating it can be to have these symptoms happening and not knowing what is going on or what the cause is right away. She knows what it’s like to be winded just going up a flight of stairs or what it’s like to experience the treatment and side effects of that treatment. So, she lets the Mayo Clinic use her results for studies and research so that the medical community can learn more and develop better treatments, as well as diagnose people sooner. It’s also very important for Bridget to get involved, which is how she came to participate in the MG Walk. Her friend’s mom has cancer and they had always done a lot of walks to raise money for that cause. Her friend started to Google what walks might be available that raise money for myasthenia gravis and came across the MG Walk. They found it late last year, but Bridget and her parents still came out and participated and are excited to get even more involved this year.


As the 2016 Colorado MG Walk Local Hero, Bridget wants to keep raising much needed awareness. She feels so grateful that her own MG and journey was not nearly as extreme as she knows it is for others. She wants to medical community educated and to keep moving forward in finding better treatments and better ways to diagnose quicker and more efficiently. For those with MG, Bridget advises you to be patient, because it can be so frustrating. It’s hard sometimes to not feel like yourself and very difficult to have those symptoms of weakness and fatigue. But do remember, this is support for you. For Bridget, a huge support was her family, who she can’t thank enough for being so supportive of her and being very patient. Her mom even travelled with her to Phoenix for all those doctor appointments, and Bridget is so thankful to have had that support, especially in a time she really needed it. She’s excited to walk this year with her amazing family and friends and continue their important work and outreach to help all those in the MG Community.

We are thrilled to announce the 2016 Colorado MG Walk Medical Chair…Dr. Karen Karwa!

Dr. Karen Karwa
National Jewish Hospital and Blue Sky Neurology

“There are a number of success stories of patients with MG and how their fight to overcome their disease inspires me. What drives my interest in MG is the ability to make meaningful improvements in the quality of life of patients with MG. I heard of the MG walk during my residency and fellowship training. I have been impressed by the efforts made towards spreading awareness in the community and the mission of improving treatment options and finding a cure for this condition. I would like to join this cause to fight myasthenia gravis together.”

MG Walk in the Media! Check out this great story in the Denver Post highlightling our MG Walk Hero, Bridget Dvorak!

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