It was a great day of awareness, fundraising for important resources for those living with MG, and such great support in the MG Community. Keep the momentum going! All fundraising pages will remain open through December, so there is still time to reach all of our goals. Reach out to your family, friends, and coworkers and tell them all about your great experience at the Walk (be sure to show them all the photos!), and encourage them to support you. Follow up and thank all those that did donate, and please contact the MG Walk Team for any tips on post-event fundraising.

Thank you all for an amazing day, a great event, and for coming together and doing all we can to reach the ultimate finish line…a world without myasthenia gravis!

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We are thrilled to announce that the 2018 New England MG Walk Hero is…JESSICA LARKIN!


It was back in October 2014 when Jessica first started to notice the symptoms that would start her journey with MG. Having just had her impacted wisdom teeth removed, she started to notice issues with swallowing water and was having strange things happening with her speech, sounding as if she was talking with a lisp. About a month later, the symptoms were still present and others around her, those she worked with in medicine, were noticing something wasn’t right and should be checked out.

And so started the next few months of doctors and tests trying to figure out what was going on. Jessica started by going back to her dentist who initially thought it to be TMJ. However, with the symptoms coming and going  every month, it was soon recognized that TMJ was not the answer. In May of 2015, Jessica’s symptoms became worse, and at the end of a shift at the hospital, she started experiencing double vision and became increasingly concerned. This was when she started to see Dr. Tracey Milligan, a general neurologist of Brigham and Women’s Hospital. Even though Jessica wasn’t presenting symptoms at the time of her visit, Dr. Milligan was completely thorough in her assessment, doing all she could to figure out what the underlying cause was of all these symptoms. All the tests came back negative, and with the life changes Jessica was experiencing (moving to a new city, a new job) it was thought this could all be a result of stress, though Dr. Milligan was not convinced. When Jessica showed abnormalities in the swallowing and eye fatigue tests in her second appointment, the idea that it could be MG was introduced. She was referred to Dr. Anthony Amato of Brigham and Women’s Hospital at the end of September, who did an EMG test and felt confident even just looking at Jessica that she had MG. The test came back positive for MuSk. After moving to Dallas, Jessica received treatment from Dr. Steven Vernino of University of Texas Southwestern who worked with her to find the correct treatments. Eventually they found the right treatment, and just this year, 3 years after her diagnosis, she was able to smile as she had before for the first time. She finally felt like herself again and was told she is now in remission of MG.

While in Dallas, it was very lonely dealing with such a new normal so far away from her family on the east coast. She did a lot of research about MG and constantly used MGFA as a resource to find information, especially for possible treatments as she and her doctor worked to find the right one. She eventually learned about the Walk, and while there wasn’t one in Dallas, there was one in New England. When she moved back home, she knew this was the best way to get involved, meet new people, hear more stories, and not feel so alone.

As the New England MG Walk Hero, Jessica wants to share her story and show that there is hope for a great outcome, as she was able to experience. Reserved about sharing her story in the beginning, she know welcomes the opportunity to share it with the community so that no one going through their journey with MG is ever doing so alone. It’s been a great way to give back to the MGFA and in her first year of fundraising for the MG Walk, she and her team brought in over $8,000!

Jessica continues to share her story and keep inspiring hope to those living with MG. In her own words: “Your resources are everywhere and extend even beyond the MGFA… you have friends, family and loved ones that want to help – even if they don’t completely understand what you are going through, that’s ok..  Know that asking for help does not mean you are succumbing to this disease rather you are learning to live your best life despite it. You may have MG, but MG does not have you. You are not alone, you can do this.”

Thank you to our 2018 New England MG Walk Medical Ambassador!


Amanda Guidon, M.D.
Neuromuscular Diagnostic Center
Massachusetts General Hospital

Dr. Amanda Guidon is an Instructor of Neurology at Harvard Medical School and a neuromuscular specialist at the Massachusetts General Hospital, where she directs the myasthenia gravis clinic. After completing her neurology residency and neuromuscular fellowships at Duke, she joined the faculty at MGH in 2013. She is board certified in neurology, and neuromuscular and electrodiagnostic medicine. Dr. Guidon serves as a member of the medical and scientific advisory board of the Myasthenia Gravis Foundation of America (MGFA) and the Myasthenia Gravis Association of New England (MGANE). She participates in clinical trials and multi-center research projects in myasthenia.

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Goal: $40,000
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in New England


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