It was a great day of awareness, fundraising for important resources for those living with MG, and such great support in the MG Community. Keep the momentum going! All fundraising pages will remain open through December, so there is still time to reach all of our goals. Reach out to your family, friends, and coworkers and tell them all about your great experience at the walk (be sure to show them all the photos!), and encourage them to support you. Follow up and thank all those that did donate, and please contact the MG Walk Office for any tips on post-event fundraising.

Thank you all for an amazing day, a great event, and for coming together and doing all we can to reach the ultimate finish line…a world without myasthenia gravis!

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It was back in 1991, at the age of 12, that Tommy’s journey with MG first began. He’s always been very involved in athletics, but one day while playing basketball, he felt a weakness in his legs and realized he wasn’t getting up and down the court as easily as he normally did. He went to Children’s Hospital in New Orleans and saw neurologist Dr. Ann Tilton, who diagnosed him with MG. He immediately went on prednisone and underwent a Thymectomy months later, and the medication along with the surgery proved to be very effective, putting him into remission for about 10 years. However, in late 2005, following Hurricane Katrina, the aftermath brought upon a level of stress for Tommy, and he noticed his eye lid starting to droop. While evacuated and staying with a friend in Seattle, he saw a neurologist who confirmed with him that his MG had come back. Since then, his symptoms have been on and off, but he has learned to manage his MG over the years.

In 2011, Tommy had overcome a lot with his health, and wanted to find a way to give back and help others with MG. In searching for an existing support group, he found the national MGFA, and a conversation with the CEO led Tommy to starting the first support group in New Orleans. Tommy, a former intern with WWL-TV Channel 4 (now a huge media sponsor of the Walk), was granted air time on the local broadcast channel to promote the new support group. Immediately upon finishing the interview, Tommy walked by the desk of one of the station’s employees, Charlene Watkins, who had just watched his interview. She showed him her MG Thymectomy scar, and told him he was one of the first people she had met living with this disease. Together, they started and built the New Orleans Support Group to what it has become today with a database of more than 100 patients, neurologists, family members, friends and caretakers across Louisiana and Mississippi.

In 2012, Tommy was approached about getting involved in the first MG Walk in New Orleans, and 2 years later, started serving on the board of the MGFA as the Communications Chair. He uses his 16 years of PR, communications and journalism experience to bring much-needed media attention and awareness to MG and the MG Walk. Tommy currently works as marketing director at the Baton Rouge-based Taylor Porter, one of the largest and longest-standing law firms in Louisiana.

Tommy is excited for the New Orleans Walk (now in its 6th year) on March 25 to help kick off the MGFA National Conference in New Orleans on March 26-28. Tommy, along with strong family and community support, has worked hard with MG patients and their families across the New Orleans area to make the Walk a true awareness event and celebration with New Orleans food and culture and a great family atmosphere. His favorite part of the Walk is, after all the hard work of getting to event day, seeing the wave of families coming over the Lafreniere Park bridge to support their loved ones, and watching those in the MG community feel a great sense of hope.

Twenty-five years later, as he reflects back on having MG as a kid and the advice he would provide to all MG patients, Tommy remembers a sign hanging over his childhood bed reading, “Never Give Up.” “With this unpredictable disease, there will be bad days, but there will also be good days. And you just have to get up every morning and keep fighting the battle, using the support system of your loved ones, to get you through anything.”

Meet our 2017 New Orleans MG Walk Medical Chair…Dr. Daniel Larriviere!


Dr. Larriviere, a native of Texas, earned his Law Degree in 1991 and went on to earn his medical degree in 1998 from Baylor College of Medicine.  He completed his residency in Neurology at the University of Virginia in Charlottesville, VA and then went on to complete his Fellowship in Neurophysiology at the University of Virginia in 2003.  In 2005 he completed the Greenwall Fellowship in Bioethics and Health Policy at Johns Hopkins School of Public Health in Baltimore, MD.  He has been active in teaching medical students, residents and law students since 2003.  He joined Ochsner in 2011 as the Residency Program Director and the Vice Chair for the Department of Neurology. He is currently the Chief of the Neuromuscular Division, and Medical Director of the Ochsner ALS Clinic. Dr Larriviere is active in the MGFA and is currently accepting new MG patients.



Check out this great segment on WWL-TV featuring Tommy Santora discussing MG, the MG Walk, and the MGFA National Conference!



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